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Hello, and welcome to Winter's Herald.

 I felt that it would be helpful to write out my house-rules:

     Critical Fumbles are on a roll of 1 on a D20, and failing this the second time (not rolling higher than 10) will cause the PC to drop eir weapon. Monsters, on the other hand, will break their weapon (even if this is one of their claws or their jaw).

     Critical Successes, namely rolling a 20 on a D20, count for skill checks, as well as weapon checks. I may rule to not allow a natural 20 on a skill check as an auto-success, because of plot reasons, or a physical impossibility.

      A handy little tool called a Crit Deck is also used for both PCs and NPCs. This adds effects to the result of a critical hit.

*At one time, I was wanting to allow flanking to count in the usual way as well as in the case of being directly behind a creature. However, my players voted against this, so I stopped using it. (Though I really do enjoy rewarding players for backstabbing)


That's all for house rules.

Just as a FYI, I really hate when players will disregard NPCs as being there to be stepped on and disrespected.

Also, as much as I try to make up for it, I am still a new DM, and you may notice even in these transcriptions, that I make many wrong moves – luckily my players are experienced for the most part and more than happy to help with any errors I make, such as thinking that a monster of CR 10 would be good for a party of 4 level 5 characters. (oops)

Home Page

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