Human Ranger of the Caravan of Shadows


Ability – Score(Modifier) Strength – 14(2) Dexterity – 18(4) Constitution – 16(3) Intelligence – 12(1) Wisdom – 16(3) Charisma – 10(0)

Save – Total=Base+Ability Modifier+Magic Modifier+Misc. Modifier Fortitude – 9=6+3+0+0 Reflex – 9=6+3+0+0 Will = 5=2+3+0+0

AC – Total=10+Armor Bonus+Shield Bonus+Dex. Modifier+Size Modifier+Natural Armor+Deflection Bonus+Misc. Modifier 16=10+2+0+4+0+0+0+0 Touch AC(no armor bonus) – 14 Flat-Footed AC(no Dex. Mod.) – 12

HP – 70

Initiative – 4

Base Attack Bonus – 8/3

Speed – 30

Grapple – Total=B.A.B.+STR Mod.+Size Mod.+Misc. Mod. 10=8+2+0+0

(Wolf Info. will come later)


Hashar was found about nine years ago as he tried to steal food from the caravan. One of the rangers of the caravan found him as he was trying to steal some food. Kalad, the ranger that found him, decided to take him under his wing, teaching him the ways of society and the ways of the ranger. About two or three years ago, one of the other ranger’s wolf had pups, and Toby came into his life, and they have been inseparable since. Last year though, Kalad disappeared from the caravan, and Hashar has taken over the scouting and hunting for the caravan. He also helps to care for the animals of the caravan, causing him to get along well with Orion. Other than him, though, he doesn’t really get along well with others.


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