Winter's Herald

The Town of Frost

Party finds the village as an idyllic place. Everything is kept immaculately clean, and all the people are happy. This is because they live every day in fear of the return of the Fire Wizard. He was an old Grey Elf Wizard – master of fire and contemptuous in everything he did. He had the white dragon that the party fought as a draft horse and terrorized the townsfolk annually when he came to gather supplies. It has since been 3 years since the return of the Fire Wizard. Few still know his real name or why he came to their tiny, isolated village. All magic wielders in the village and surrounding area revere frost and practice magic devoted to cold and winter. None use anything to do with fire, for fear of association with the Fire Wizard.

The bard had wanted to go to town to get magic armor, but he finds out from the village elder that they have no blacksmiths, only stonemasons and gemcutters, as they have plenty of stone in the area and some precious gems, but not much metal and nearly no timber. (The village subsists on the trading they do with farther villages, for their stonemasons are some of the best in the world – Dwarves far away from ancestral lands often come here to be apprenticed)

The party headed into the wizard’s tower. They fought 2 Gargoyles and an Assassin Vine.



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