Winter's Herald

The End of the Complex

_Round 1_
  • Karthak lumbers over to the Dragon. Hits for 9 damage (5 of which was Fire) – 2 for vulnerability to fire.
  • Tiger tries to claw against the Dragon. Hits for 7 damage. Goes to Rake attempt – misses.
  • Hashar picks himself off the ground and activates his bow.
  • Kep tumbles through the Dragon’s space.
  • Dragon casts Fog Cloud.
  • Orion blows it away with Gust of Wind
  • Krogthor attempted to power attack Dragon. He missed.
  • Toby tries to bite the dragon.
Round 2
  • Karthak casts Bull’s Strength on Krogthor
  • Tony delays
  • Hashar shoots it for 11 damage.
  • Kep stabs Dragon for 16 damage.
  • Dragon Breaths a cone of cold and Krogthor and Orion were hit with the brunt of it for 14 damage, everyone else (except Kep) took half damage.
  • Orion heals Krogthor for 21 HP.
  • Krogthor rages. Power attacks for 5. His first attack deals 10 fire, 27 normal (37).
  • Toby tries to bite the Dragon, and fails.
  • Tony (Tiger) bites for 10 damage.
Round 3
  • Karthak smashes the Dragon’s jaw into pulp for 6 fire and 11 normal (17), and for his second attack: he smashes it across the snout for 6 normal damage. The Dragon is now blinded for 2 rounds.
  • Hashar looses and arrow and hits for 15 damage.
  • Kep tries to sneak attack, and barely misses.
  • Dragon accidentally smashed its front right claw into the ground and destroyed it.
  • Orion casts Flaming Sphere and hits it for 16 fire damage.

Dragon (Shiroryujin) Dies

(Party gets enough dragon hide to make one small size armour jerkin, 2 pairs of gloves, and 1 pair of boots.

Krogthor honors the dragon by constructing a cairn (10 RPing XP).



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