Winter's Herald

The Complex Part 2

Further Into the Cave

Wo-zogah is woken by the party.

Initiative: Wo-zogah 10, Krogthor 20, Orion 2, Tony 12, Kep 20, Hashar 20, Toby 4 Tony, Orion, Toby, Wo-zogah, Hashar , Kep, Krogthor (Last to first)

Surprise Round:
  • Kep tries to poke the cloth lump, waking Wo-zogah.
  • Wo-zogah wakes up and slams his greatclub into the ground
  • Hashar successfully shots Wo-zogah for 7 damage (3 lightning)
Regular Combat Round 1
  • Krogthor attacks Wo-zogah with his greataxe, and misses.
  • Wo-zogah hits Krogthor as he goes back.
  • Kep attempts to stab Wo-zogah with his rapier and pokes his arm for 6 damage. Also, he quickly steps back and taunts Wo-zogah.
  • Hashar looses and arrow toward Wo-zogah. It hits him for 10 damage (5 lightning)
  • Wo-zogah crushes Kep for 26 damage.
  • Toby bites Wo-zogah for 5 damage, and attempts to trip. Wo-zogah resists the trip attempt.
  • Orion casts Cure Moderate Wounds and heals Kep, and he recovers 20 HP.
  • Tony takes his delayed action. Full Attack: Hits with bite, 2 claws, and 1 rake. Deals 35 damage.
Round 2




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