Winter's Herald

After the Encounter: Oni-Sama requests that they go further North, away from the ‘civilised lands’. The weather turns to Cold. PCs and Oni-Sama chance upon a cave which is uninhabited and set up for the night. Overnight, it snows coating the land in snow 3 inches thick. The party enters the cave complex the next day. They find that it is inhabited by a company of Orcs guarding something for “the big boss”. The PCs successfully Bluff the Orcs into working for in their stead and taking their leave of him. However, a large chunk of ice has fallen over the cave lip, trapping the PCs and Oni-Sama inside. The PCs were surprised by the Ettin hiding in a back chamber of the room.


(Ettin hears Party) – ROOM 2

Ettin 18, Orion 21, Krogthor 19, Opie 24, Hashar 22, Tiger 9, Toby 21

Opie, Hashar, Orion, Toby, Krogthor, Ettin, Tiger

  • Surprise Round:

    o Ettin has a surprise round, hits Toby (Wolf) for 25 damage.(Full Attack)

  • Round 1:

    o Opie cast Flaming Sphere and missed.

    o Hashar opens fire onto the Ettin. Hits, and deals 22 damage.

    o Orion casts Bull’s Strength on Krogthor.

    o Toby hits Ettin for 7 damage, and does not make the trip attempt.

    o Krogthor hits Ettin for 22 damage.

    o Ettin hits Krogthor for 11 damage.

    o Tiger misses with Claws

  • Round 2: o Opie hits Ettin with Flaming Sphere for 7 damage.

    o Hashar fires and arrow into Ettin for 16 damage.

    + Ettin falls over dead.




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